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1967 Lamborghini 400 GT 2+2

Laurent Auxietre

1967 Lamborghini 400 GT 2+2
Laurent Auxietre

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Chassis 0874


Original colour combination


Matching numbers


Complete history from new


One of 247 cars built and more distinctive than its rivals


European registration


Lamborghini cemented its status as the new Italian marque to beat with the success of its introductory model, the 350 GT. Distinctly beautiful, incredibly fast and wonderfully easy to drive, the 350 GT was a seemingly perfect car. The model eventually evolved into the 400 Interim, which featured an enlarged engine. However, the market was ripe for a slightly larger touring car with all the speed and elegance of the 350 GT.

Reviewing the 400GT 2+2 in 1967, Autocar magazine voted it “better than all the equivalent exotic and home-bred machinery in this glamorous corner of the fast-car market.” The relaxed manner of its long-legged performance was reckoned the finest quality of the Lamborghini, whose V12 engine was judged to have the broadest range of smooth torque of any unit the testers had experienced.


The Lamborghini 400 GT 2+2 we are offering here is chassis 0874. The car was supplied new in Rome via concessionario Carpanelli to Mr. Giovanni Albarelli on 4th April 1967. A copy of the first Targa document is included in the dossier.
The original livery was Grigio Argento with Tobacco leather interior, a colour combination which it still retains to this day. Mr. Albarelli kept 0874 for 6 years before the car passed on to another resident of Rome, Mrs Valeria Alberti. In 1978, Mrs Alberti sold the car to well-known Belgian collector Baudouin Dejaiffe. 0874 will stay in his hands for the next 12 years. Dejaiffe then sold 0874 to a Lamborghini specialists from France who will keep the car for just two years before selling to another French enthusiast, Mr Christian Bouveron. Under his ownership the car was showing 52,000 km and received a thorough mechanical maintenance by Lamborghini specialist Ciclet Automobiles, as evidenced by period service records. Mr Bouveron subsequently sold 0874 to M. Blesin who will keep the car for 20 years, after which the current owner made its acquisition.
More recently 0874 received a full carburettor refurbishment by AB Racing, as well as new sealing and an overall mechanical check-up.
This 400 GT 2+2, in addition to being the most distinguished sports car of its era, is a very authentic example coming with a clear history and finished in its original, yet desirable colour combination. Finely tuned and highly pleasant to handle, it would enhance any Lamborghini collection.

European registered.

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