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The first day of the Alfa Romeo Brera - Geneva, March 5, 2002

We have received and are delighted to publish this exclusive photo shoot from an Alfa Brera aficionado and a new friend of 939 Privilege. These photos capture the first public days of the Brera Concept, even before its presentation at the Geneva Motor Show.

It is with pleasure that I transmit to the 939 Privilege Owners Club the photos that I took during this special day at Palexpo. It was 21 years ago during the press days, two days before the opening of the Show. This prototype was born on a drawing board, where Giorgetto Giugiaro's pencil gave it life by tracing its lines using the method of 4 orthogonal views. This masterpiece of automotive design demonstrates a perfect mastery of technique coupled with an exceptional talent for shaping volumes that are always well proportioned. The Brera is the fruit of a faithful bond between Alfa Romeo and Giorgetto Giugiaro which began in 1960 with the Bertone bodywork. With the 2600 Sprint and especially the Giulia Sprint GT, they shared with us this passion for Italian automobiles. From 1969, with his new firm Italdesign he signed the designs for the Alfasud and the Alfetta GT coupe, then a few more memorable prototypes named Canguro, Iguana, Caimano and Scighera. At the end of the Show, this project was a total success with the public and the press. Message well received, 3 years later, still in Geneva, the version intended for production is presented as a world premiere.

And still today, every time I come across a Brera, I tip my cap!

Antoine Kohler

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