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1966 Porsche 912-6 Outlaw

Driver Source Fine Motorcars

1966 Porsche 912-6 Outlaw
Driver Source Fine Motorcars

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Chassis No. 453310

Engine No. 909907 (1967 911 2.0L, Type 901/05)

Transmission No. 224882 902/1 5-Speed (matching numbers)

The One and Only Psychedelic 912-6


A Highly Renowned and Historically Significant Period-Built Hotrod


Well Known Throughout the Porsche Community


As Featured in Porsche Panorama Magazine


Owned by Jerry Jensen from 1966-2012


Customization began in May 1967


The 912-6 reached Jensen's Iconic Form by 1977


Incredibly Preserved Original Jensen Paintwork


Recent Engine Rebuild and Mechanical Restorative Work


Successful December 2022 Tejas Turismo: Texas Hill Country Rally Participant


Supported by Porsche Kardex and Porsche Production Specifications Certificate


Accompanied by 10/1965 Spare Tire, Tool Kit, Jack and Driver's Manual

We first met Jerry Jensen and 453310 at the Salt Lake City Porsche Parade in July 2012. After spending time with Jerry and his 912-6 it was impossible not to revere their presence and story. As retold in the article "Conspicuously Unusual: One Man's Porsche" by Bill Oursler, from Porsche Panorama, September 2012: According to Jensen, this 1966 Porsche 912 was acquired second hand in 1966 from the original owner who had purchased the vehicle and took it on a three-month vacation. A new 911 was simply out of reach financially. Originally Ivory in color, Jensen was unhappy with the quality of its factory paint job and decided to personalize the 912 to his taste. With the advice of a tradesmen, in his own garage, Jensen would repaint the car himself. He first attempted silver, which is a notoriously difficult lacquer. Later while working in retail shoe sales, he saw a pair of bright green ladies shoes that attracted his eye. He thought they were the perfect color for the 912, so that's what he painted it. He estimated the job took 3-4 months to complete - to much of his satisfaction. 453310 was used as a daily driver through the first part of the 1970's, to its absolute fullest. As a longtime concours enthusiast, Jensen knew that spirited daily driving and maintaining a show quality car do not mix well, so the decision was made to preserve the 912 for concours display and occasional outings. By that point, the bright green paint had incurred stone chips from use, so Jensen decided to repair the chips by painting two-tone scallops over them, one a slightly darker green than the base color (3 parts base green with 1 part black); and the other in a lighter shade of the car's overall color by the same amount (with 1 part silver). Having driven the 912 for some years, Jensen came to want the extra power offered by a 911, but a 911 was not in his budget. As fate would have it, his friend, a shop foreman where he had the 912 serviced, acquired a nearly perfect 2.0L from a wrecked 1967 911. Jensen would trade his skills in landscaping design for the 6-cylinder, and proceeded to install the unit himself with new Porsche parts catalog engine mounts, and the 911-specific wiring was untied and connected from the factory 912 harness. The car still retains its original 5-speed 912 transmission which is said to be quicker off the line with its lower gearbox ratios. Naturally, the engine's intake box, components, shroud and surrounds were painted to match the body. The completed car even attracted the attention of Ferry Porsche, (a known green Porsche admirer) at the 1977 San Diego Porsche Parade. A brief moment of their interaction was photographed. Other notable features to the Porsche include a 100-litre fuel tank, 5-guage instrument panel conversion, Prototipo steering wheel, Blaupunkt Frankfurt radio, leatherette basketweave seats with headrests, vinyl floor mats, 1970/71 era European headlights, sport muffler, 6 and 7” Torq Thrust style wheels shod with 185/70R15 and 215/60R15 Avon CR6ZZ tires. Jensen would continue to preserve and display his work for decades to follow, attracting numerous admirers along the way. He would own several Porsches over the years, but always held onto 453310. At least half a dozen customer cars were later commissioned to receive his 'magic touch'. The car's 1967 911 2.0L 901/05 powerplant has recently received a complete rebuild – along with other additional mechanical upkeep and restorative work. December 2022's Tejas Turismo Rally tested this 912-6 to its full potential during the nearly 700-mile Texas Hill Country Vintage Rally. The car performs exceptionally well with strong linear power, tight steering, shifting and braking. Steeped in Porsche hotrod lore, 453310 is a historically significant outlaw capable of continued club display and spirited touring. Available now from our Houston, Texas showroom for worldwide purchase and delivery. A Striking Period Porsche Outlaw Ideal for Continued Showing & Touring
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