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1970 Alfa Romeo 1300 Junior Zagato

Car Cave USA

1970 Alfa Romeo 1300 Junior Zagato
Car Cave USA

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Drivetrain RWD


Transmission MANUAL


Engine 1300CC


Mileage 797


Doors 2


Exterior Color YELLOW


Interior Color BLACK


VIN AR1800032

The 1970 Alfa Romeo 1300 Junior Zagato is a nimble, compact, aerodynamically efficient and fast coupe. This mesmerising vehicle is proof the 1970s are the golden age of motoring. There was a time when the uncompromising vision of a talented designer could result in a car that looked ten or even 15 years ahead of its time, like the Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato. The result still looks strikingly contemporary.

Based on the technology of the Alfa Romeo Giulia and the chassis of the Spider, the GT 1300 Junior Zagato was produced starting in 1969. The futuristic Kamm-tail, wedge-shaped body was conceived by Ercole Spada at Zagato. Lighter than the production models from which it was inspired, the Junior Zagato was compact, rapid, aerodynamically efficient and nimble as anything.

The 1,290cc twin-cam four was taken from the GT 1300 Junior Coupe and was capable of delivering 89bhp at 6,000rpm, enough to propel the sleek Z to around 175 km/h.

Ercole Spada's design aimed to improve the GT Junior's performance through aerodynamics, given the car had to make do with around 90 HP. The Junior Z's front end was shaped like an arrow to reduce the drag coefficient, and its body was kept low and narrow, wrapped around the mechanical elements as tightly as possible to reduce the car's frontal cross-section. Spada's vision was uncompromising, almost brutal: no gratuitous ornamentation, not one line more than strictly necessary. Smooth surfaces characterize the front, sides and hatchback. The trunk is accessed through the upward-swinging rear window. A special detail was the cladding of the front section to the right and left of the Alfa grille with transparent plastic. Inside, the dashboard somewhat echoed the design of the front. Officially, there were two rear seats, but due to the low roofline and the spatial narrowness, these were actually only usable as luggage racks.

This original Alfa Romeo GT 1300 Junior Zagato Coupe (Tipo 105.93) is a first series in its original and striking color scheme Giallo Ocra (Champagne Metallic AR118) ) with "skai nero" (black vinyl) interior. This limited production 2-seater coupe, production stopped in 1972 with 1,108 units built, has a steel body shell with aluminum bonnet and door skins. The engine produces 65 kw / 89 hp at 6000 rpm. Attached to a 5-speed manual gearbox good for a top speed of 175 km/h. The Junior Zagato also has a lower center of gravity and shorter overhangs, which makes it even more of fun, compact driver’s car than the majority of the other 105/115-series Alfa Romeos. A little “fun fact” is that all Alfa Romeos from the period are fueled on the left side, except the Montreal and the Junior Zagato 1300.

Our Junior Zagato has a full history of ownership. With owners all in Brescia, Milan and in the Como region. And 1 in Belgium. The car left the factory on the 3rd of April 1970 and was registered only 10 days later by its first owner in Brescia, Italy. This is confirmed by documentation supplied by Centro Documentazione Alfa Romeo. With a very early vin code 1800032.

It was restored by a renowned Italian Zagato restorer: KCA. Taking great care to maintain its originality. The car still features the original wheels, steering wheel and correct and undamaged plexiglass screen that forms part of the front grille. It has a beautiful interior with two highly bolstered bucket seats with incorporated headrests. It features a dashboard with two large round instruments, the tachometer and speedometer, and three auxiliary gauges in the middle of the Zagato designed dash.

The car comes with the following documents: the original "Libretto di servizio" (service book), original "Carta di Circolazione" (registration from new with all the owners mentioned), original Italian "certificato di Proprieta" (cancelled), copy of the registration in the Zagato register and copy of ASI certificate. (bronze plate with the car).

The first series are often the purest form. Quite frankly, there’s nothing else on the market quite like it so it represents money well spent for any serious car collector. We’re loving its bold visual impact and it’s hard not to be won over by the vintage vibes that this Alfa Romeo positively exudes.

This Alfa Romeo 1300 Junior Zagato will provide pleasurable driving as well as aesthetic enjoyment for its new owner. A charming Junior Zagato rarely comes to the market and this example is worthy of consideration by any Alfa Romeo enthusiast or collector. Rare to find in this condition.

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